null Daily life in the House of Parliament

Daily life in the House of Parliament

The House of Parliament is Hungary’s most important public building. Its grandiose scale and magnificent overall impression lend it an imposing artistic appearance. It has an air of solemn grandeur, and has indeed been witness to many grand and solemn events during its existence, which spans well over a century. That said, the formal events have always been outnumbered by the days of ordinary, mundane routine, with civil servants and workers going about their daily activities, or residents living their lives among its walls. This publication provides an insight into these daily operations, which may at first seem dull and trivial, but are in fact bursting with colourful stories and incidents.

Release Date: 2018
number-of-pages: 92
Size: 16,8 x 18,8 cm
book-cover: puhafedeles, irkafűzött
ISBN: 978-615-5674-53-2
ISSN: 2416-1594
Hungarian: 1800 Ft
English: 1990 Ft