Országház Pulisher’s new homepage launched

Országház Publisher’s new website is accessible at www.orszaghazkonyvkiado.hu providing information

about the already published volumes, which can be browsed and purchased online.

Since 2015 Országház Publisher has released nine series – 29 publications in Hungarian and 40 in foreign languages – presenting the Parliament building, Kossuth Lajos Square and the history of Hungarian legislation from different perspectives. Our publications cover a wide range of themes about the National Assembly and the House of Parliament ranging from history and art history to tourism and popular education. Readers can become familiar with the building and decorative art of and interesting details about the Parliament. They can also learn about the various chapters of parlamentarism and Hungarian history and can take an imaginary tour of the Parliament museum’s exhibitions and its 150-year-old library collection.

Our publications can be purchased in the House of Parliament Visitor Centre, in the Library of the Hungarian Parliament and in many bookshops.