null Famous Halls of the House of Parliament

Famous Halls of the House of Parliament

Countless books have been published about the history, the artistic value and the construction of the House of Parliament, but less attention is paid to the fact that it is a functioning institution with its own life and unique history of rooms that have witnessed so many events. The House of Parliament incorporates two assembly halls and several other large halls, some of which have kept their original character, but the majority gained their unique identity throughout the years, due to their typical design or artworks, or perhaps function. Each room is uniquely furnished and also boasts a colourful story. This volume undertakes the task to tell these stories.

Release Date: 2019
number-of-pages: 132
Size: 16,8 x 18,8 cm
book-cover: Paperback
ISBN: 978-615-5948-03-9
ISSN: 2416-1594
Hungarian: 1890 Ft
English: 2990 Ft