null Mihály Munkácsy and the House of Parliament

Mihály Munkácsy and the House of Parliament

Imre Steindl, the architect of the House of Parliament, assigned a subordinate role to sculpture and painting when designing the neo-Gothic building of the Parliament. As a compromise, he accepted the use of decorative painting, which formed a unity with the interior decoration, and sculptures, whose colours were in harmony with those of the murals, but rejected the installation of oil paintings. This is why it is interesting that Mihály Munkácsy, who was a celebrated Hungarian genius of a painter residing abroad at the time, was commissioned to paint a picture of the conquest of the Carpathian Basin by the Hungarians, an important event of Hungary’s national history. The painting was to be installed in the House of Parliament, completed in 1902, yet it took more than twenty years for the painting to be actually displayed there. This volume of the Parliament Guide Books is intended to offer an extensive insight into some interesting stories related to Munkácsy’s The Conquest, from the creation and the reception of the painting through an overview of contemporary depictions of the conquest to a follow-up of the later story of the painting.

Release Date: 2019
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