null In 2019 the Országház Könyvkiadó has published a wide range publications


In 2019 the Országház Könyvkiadó has published a wide range historical, art history, popular science and tourism publications on parliamentarism, the House of Parliament, the National Assembly and Kossuth Square; further publications will be launched by the end of the year.
Our most recent publication is a volume of studies titled 1918 – The Great Collapse.
The fifth part of the series devoted to the history of the Hungarian national assembly – Tamás Dobszay’s The Last Decades of Feudal Diets (1790–1848) – as well as Béla Pálmány’s two-volume work, The Historical Almanac of the Hungarian Feudal Diet (1790–1812), and the volume on Baron János Jeszenák in the series on the martyrs of the first parliament of popular representation also came out in 2019. The History of the Hungarian National Assembly 1867–1927, edited by Antal Balla and published in 1927, will be reprinted with its original text in its unchanged form this year.



The publication titled A Library that Connects was published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Library of the Hungarian Parliament, while the eighth and ninth parts of the Parliament Guide Books art history series – Famous Halls of the House of Parliament and Mihály Munkácsy and the House of Parliament – also came out. The second volume of Beyond the House Regulations – Lectures on Topical Issues of Parliamentary Law
 was also published in 2019. The range of our foreign language volumes has also increased: four parts of the Kossuth Square Booklets – The Hungarian House of Parliament, The Hungarian Holy Crown, The Kossuth Lajos Square Massacre and Its Memorial and One Thousand Years of Hungarian Legislation are now available in a number of foreign languages, while Parliament: The Authorized Guide in the Parliament Guide Books series is now published in Slovakian.


Books under preparation include The Hungarian National Assembly 2019; the next part of the Parliament Guide Books, which will present the glass art in the Parliament building to readers; the sixth part of The History of Hungarian Parliaments series, István Feitl’s The Pseudo-Parliament of the Era of State Socialism; and a children’s book with stories by Zita Tóth and illustrations by Krisztina Maros titled Tales from the Parliament. Volumes planned to be published in the near future include From Professorship to the Pulpit in the Kossuth Square Books series; The Golden Bull in the Kossuth Square Booklets; A Selection from György Szabad’s Works on Political History; and the volume of studies titled Nationalities and Legislation in Hungary in the Scientific Conferences in the House of Parliament series.