null One Thousand Years of Hungarian Legislation

One Thousand Years of Hungarian Legislation

The Parliament Museum was first established in the Parliament building in 1929 but was closed down in 1949 for decades. A new and modern visitor centre was built in 2014 as part of the complete renewal of Kossuth Square, where the central exhibition of the re-established Parliament Museum titled One Thousand Years of Hungarian Legislation can be found. This brochure, the official exhibition guide, takes visitors on a journey through the one thousand years of Hungary's history by providing a brief description of the exhibits as well as related supplementary information and explanations.

Release Date: 2016
number-of-pages: 48
Size: 16,8 x 23,8 cm
book-cover: puhafedeles, irkafűzött
ISBN: 978-963-9848-92-4
ISSN: 2416-3481
Hungarian, English, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukranian, Romanian,,, Slovenian, German, Polish: 990 Ft